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Currently Accepting                       Interior Projects                                        Exterior Projects                                     Wedding Projects

Currently Not Accepting                          Commercial Projects


Average Size Rooms                                1 to 3 Rooms are 5000Ls each               4 or more rooms are 3000Ls each          15+ rooms (contact for rates)

Landscape Base Price Package List:

1/8 to 1/4 Parcels Starts at 10,000Ls          Homestead Starts at 15,000Ls 1/2 Sims Starts at 20,000Ls Fulls Sims Starts at 25,000Ls                                                                                  Price can vary depending on the level of detail wanted in the project.


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Peak Schedule

There will be times we will not be able to accommodate every request. If something should arise we will contact you via your preferred contact method to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

Peak Seasons
November 15 – February 15
June 1 – September 30

Off-peak Seasons
February 16 – May 31
October 1 – November 14

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*Please submit your reservation request above and then complete the application and the consultation scheduler to schedule a in-world consultation for your project.*