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- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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His Closet 2.0 

I was truly inspired by the David Heather collection at this upcoming round of Epiphany and the new closet set released by Diamandis at the Tres Chic event. Finding men items can be a real pain in second life and I wanted to do something for the fellas that will allow us to have our own space. Thus the HIS CLOSET 2.0. This is a revamp version of the previous his and her blog post but this post is specially aimed for the men of second life. I hope you guys enjoy the work I put into making this room come together and as always if you have any ideas, or suggestions please feel free to reach out to me. 

Her Closet 2.0

The Her 2.0 closet is a revamp version of the his and her blog post that I previously did. The first post was such a big success and with all the new things that have come to sl for women, it was only befitting that I did a updated version of this closet set to showcase some of the amazing pieces out there. 

About Last Night 

About Last Night, showcase the sensual and sexy side of the Second Life user. We have all had that moment when you meet someone on the grid and one thing lead to another and you wake up to a stranger in your bed. :D